Each room was decorated diligently and captures the architectural attributes of region. You will feel yourself like home.

Buludu Suit Room

101-Buludu Room

Şırahane Suit Room

102-Şırahane Room

İşlikbaşı Suit Room

103-İşlikbaşı Room

Çardak Suit Room

104-Çardak Room

Tünel Suit Room

105-Tünel Room

Tandır Suit Room

106-Tandır Room

Tafana Suit Room

107-Tafana Room

Bahçe Room

108-Bahçe Room


Balayı Room

201-Balayı Room

Köşk Room

202-Köşk Room

Şömine Room

203-Şömine Room

Köybağı Room

204-Köybağı Room